The dilemma of 'be found' and 'get ready to be found'.

Statistics show that Google has dominated the search engine market, maintaining 80% Australian market share as of December 2015, followed by Bing with 10.8%. Imagine how convertible it is to reach your potential clients when they are looking for services that you have to offer.

At ZYX Digital, we define search engine marketing terms in a much more practical way:


aka. Search Engine Optimisation aka. GET READY TO BE FOUND, when our SEO specialists make sure your website can be found easily by your potential clients when they search for keywords related to your business. Research showed that 80% search engine users click on websites appear in first page of search engine result pages (SERP).


aka. Search Engine Marketing aka. BE FOUND, when our specialists, who are equipped with Google Adwords Certifications, carefully create campaigns targeting your hundreds or thousands of potential keywords and strategically maintain them to ensure the most conversions for your expenses.

When your SEO & Adwords campaigns finish, we will conduct a comprehensive search marketing report to give you insightful statistics about your marketing activities. Our digital strategist then will use the results to improve your future campaigns.

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